Setting up your own mealworm farm

So you want to raise your own mealworms? Great!

You’ll need a plastic or glass container with a vented lid. Neither Mealworms nor Darkling beetles can fly or climb slick surfaces but you’ll still need to protect your new colony from Invaders.

I suggest plastic storage containers at least 4″ tall. It’s so easy to cut out the top of the list and hot glue window screen mesh in its place.

Next you’ll need bedding. The worms/bugs not only live in the bedding, they eat it too. You can use chicken mash (that’s ideal) or any substrate that ends in “meal” or “bran” such as wheat bran or cornmeal. You’ll need 3″ of substrate for your colony to thrive.

Next you’ll need to heat treat the bedding substrate. Simply place it in a pan in the oven for 30 minutes at 200°

This step kills any eggs that might be lurking unseen. Do this even if you are using food grade substrate. The USDA allows a small portion of insect and animal contamination in all our food (sad but absolutely TRUE!).

Don’t skip the heat treat step. It’s very important. A single moth egg can decimate your new colony in a short period of time.

Once it cools to room temperature place the substrate into your container. Make sure it’s 3″ deep!

Now you’re ready to add your mealworms! Feed them often and watch them grow!

Do you need starter stock? Take advantage of our starter pack. This includes pupas (which is the larval form of Darkling Beetle).

It includes approximately 250 mealworms, 25 pupas, and 50 young breeding Darkling Beetles. We sell by tare count and err on the side of caution. We always GUARANTEE you get more than you paid for on every single sale and we are always available to answer any questions you may have about your new colony.

Start Up Breeding Kit

Mealworms, Pupas, Darkling Beetles



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