Organic Fertilizer

Natural Organic Frass Fertilizer / 2 Lbs / FREE SHIPPING!

Meal worm frass is the perfect fertilizer for all of your flowers, plants, vegetables or lawn care in a highly concentrated sand-like form. 

This mealworm frass is from 100% organically raised stock. No growth hormones or GMO feed are ever used in or facility. 

Frass is great soil additive because:

  • it naturally helps to fend off pests and fungus
  • with a Ph of 7.25 it naturally helps to balance the Ph of the soil
  • it makes your soil rich and productive without any chemical ingredients
  • it has no smell wet or dry
  • it won’t harm rivers or lakes during runoff

It also naturally contains:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potash
  • Sodium
  • Iron

2 lb Organic Fertilizer with FREE shipping

36 ounces (2 lbs) of organic mealworm frass


4 lbs Organic Fertilizer with FREE shipping

72 ounces of organic mealworm frass


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