Live Organic Mealworms


250+ healthy live 100% organic meal worms for only $10

The price includes FREE shipping to anywhere in the US. 

These are all organic guaranteed, no growth hormones and fed only organic produce.

These worms are of various sizes (mostly medium to large but some small may be included) and perfect for starting your own organic worm farm. Instructions for easy set up are included.

Or feed them directly to your reptiles, chickens, quail etc.

Worms are not counted. Numbers are based on tare weight.

GUARANTEED TO CONTAIN MORE THAN 250 plus temporary bedding and food for the transit period.

We are old fashioned and still believe in one on one customer service. Feel free to call to place your order at (270) 269-0650

Looking for a jump start to your own breeding program? We are now offering young live organic Darkling Beetles (less than one week old) and just starting to lay eggs.


250+ Live Organic Mealworms

250 (plus extras) Live Organic Mealworms with FREE SHIPPING



25+ Live Organic Darkling Beetles

25 (plus extras) Live Organic Young Darkling Beetles, each will lay 250 to 500 mealworm eggs over a 3 month period.







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