Mealworms are the larval form of the darkling beetle.

Mealworms are a healthy, nutritious snack that are full of protein.

Plus Mealworms are a strong source of other nutrients for your chickens that helps to give them the energy needed for molting.

Mealworms contain 12 of the 16 elements found in living tissues.

They’re high in vitamins A and B which are essential for tissue growth, in this case, feathers and eggs.

Mealworms are 30% protein while most feeds are 16% to 24% protein.

A treat of just 1 to 10 mealworms per chicken helps your hens lay more and stay healthy!

Shoestring Homestead is proud to announce we are now selling organic non-GMO hormone-free mealworms and starter farm kits!

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